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We provide students with a safe, dynamic, adult environment in which they have significant freedom to make choices over where, when and how to study.

We provide excellent resources and facilities in which they can pursue their studies or take time out and socialise with their friends. We aim to create a pleasant, community atmosphere in which, in addition to quality teaching and excellent learning resources, students can take advantage of a range of interesting voluntary, community and social opportunities and activities which will help them to develop into well rounded adults who can play a constructive part in shaping their world.

Whether you have been a pupil at Great Barr or are joining from another school we will warmly welcome, support and guide you in your transition to new ways of learning and on to your chosen pathway in life.

If the School, the student and the parent work closely together with a common aim, it is more likely that the student will achieve their full potential. The Learning Contract sets out what we should all be able to expect from each other.


  • Provide an appropriate learning environment.
  • Provide high quality learning opportunities.
  • Monitor academic progress closely and will provide academic mentoring and target setting to help students stay on track.
  • Identify underachievement and intervene where necessary.
  • Provide formal and informal reports to parents.
  • Support and guide students through the Higher Education application process.
  • Provide extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities, both in and out of school. Provide formal and informal reports to parents.


  • Do at least 20 hours per week of personal study outside the classroom.
  • Seek assistance from teaching and pastoral staff promptly when needed and follow the advice given.
  • Recognise that teaching staff are here to show students how to achieve, but that achievement also depends on the student’s hard work, commitment and determination not to be defeated by challenging work.
  • Undertake independent research, using the Learning Gateway, the OLC, the Internet and other sources of wider reading.
  • Organise class notes and maintain them in good order to aid revision for exams.
  • Find a sensible balance between their studies, part time work and social lives which allows them the freedom to enjoy life without sacrificing academic achievement.
  • Maintain high levels of attendance at lessons.
  • Be a positive role model for students further down the School.

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