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There are certain expectations which underlie the effective working relationship between the school, Sixth Formers and their parents.

The school expects parents to:

  • Ensure the good attendance and punctuality of the student.
  • Monitor the balance between the student's schoolwork and other interests.
  • Monitor the student's progress by asking to see work and Reports.
  • Be aware of the course demands and ensure that targets are met.
  • Attend Parents’ Evenings and other meetings.
  • Keep the school informed when appropriate and relevant.

Sixth Formers and their Parents should expect:

  • Provision of an appropriate learning environment.
  • Provision of high quality learning opportunities.
  • Academic monitoring, mentoring and target setting to assist Sixth Formers in reaching their full potential.
  • Identification of underachievement and intervention where necessary.
  • Formal and informal reporting to parents.
  • Help and advice to Sixth Formers applying for Higher Education.
  • Extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities both in and out of school.

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