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Exam Board: AQA


A-Level Language and Literature is a unified course for students who wish to study a combination of language and literature. The course provides the opportunity for you to study prose, poetry and drama, with a focus on the forms and functions of language as well as literary concepts. There is also the opportunity to study contemporary written and spoken language in use.

As well as increasing your awareness of powerful, political, creative and emotive writing by highly regarded and iconic writers, the AS and A2 levels will develop your analytical and interpretative skills. Your experience of discussion and debate, writing for different audiences and responding to texts of different types will develop your communication skills.


The course is a mixture of examination and coursework components. Assessment is by means of two written examinations for AS and at A2 a further written examination and one piece of coursework. Students will sit the examinations in the summer sessions.

AS Teaching Units, Assessment Method and Weighting

AS Unit and Content Assessment Method Weighting
Integrated Analysis and Text Production ELLA1 Examination 2hrs
(open book)
AS 60%
A2 30%
Analysing Speech and its Reproduction ELLA2 Examination 2 hrs
(closed book)
AS 40%
A2 20%

Complementary Subjects to study at AS

This  A-level will develop you as a writer, and a reader.  Your own essay writing  and reading skills will then be extremely useful in many other areas of study, for example, History, Sociology, Media, Law, Drama, Psychology.  You can include this A-level in most combinations of subjects.

Student Views

“I really enjoyed the variety of texts we studied on the English Language and Literature course. My teachers were inspirational and I achieved full marks in the examination, an A*. I am now in the process of applying to Cambridge University to study Law.”
Khumera Mohammed, Year 13 (2009)

“The learning environment provided was first class. I really enjoyed the analysis of language, as well as the debate and discussion about texts in lessons. I was taught by teachers who were interesting, friendly and supportive. I am now in my first year of a Psychology degree at Wolverhampton University. The skills I gained on the Language and Literature course have given me a sound foundation for my degree studies”
Camilla Bridgewater Year 13 (2009)

“My experience of English Language and Literature at Great Barr school inspired me to study English at university and I am now a student at Coventry university. We read some fantastic books by modern writers. ‘The Kiterunner was my favourite. I would recommend this course to anyone who enjoys reading, analysing and discussing texts.”
Bhavika Patel Year 13 (2009)

Career Pathways

A qualification at AS or A2 level is regarded highly in both the world of Business and Higher Education. The skills acquired during the course  -  analysis, argument, research and essay writing – are transferable to all major disciplines offered by universities.  A qualification in English Literature equips a student for careers in Business, Media and Law and opens a wide range of professional opportunities. You could also go straight into a job, as the AS English Language and Literature GCE is a recognised qualification that will help you develop the skills, understanding and knowledge that many employers across many industries are looking for.

Further Information

For further information about the course please contact:

Miss A Reynolds

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