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Delhurst, the Sixth Form Centre, has a range of resources which are only available to our Sixth Form students.

The Open Learning Centre (OLC) is the Sixth Form’s own dedicated library and information centre. Staffed throughout the day, the OLC is available for independent study. It holds a comprehensive collection of learning resources, including multiple copies of subject specific textbooks, general non-fiction, contemporary and classic fiction, periodicals and quality newspapers. There are over 40 computers, all with monitored Internet access. The OLC also houses the Higher Education and Careers collections which aim to provide students with comprehensive support in taking the next step in their education or career development.

The OLC operates as a silent working space but the adjacent Collaborative Learning Centre (CLC) enables students to work in a less formal environment and work together in order to produce presentations and other collaborative pieces of work often required for higher level study.

The smaller study booths provide areas where small groups of friends can work collaboratively without disturbing others.

The ‘Learning Lounge’ provides an informal, hotel style learning environment, equipped with leather sofas, bean bags and a cafe bar. Here, students can work or take time out from their studies to relax, eat and socialise.


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