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Exam Board: Edexcel


The AS and A2 GCE in Drama and Theatre Studies aims to encourage students to:

Develop their interest and enjoyment in drama and theatre both as participants and as informed members of an audience, fostering an enthusiasm for and critical appreciation of the subject.  To develop understanding and appreciation of the significance of social, cultural and historical influences on the development of drama and theatre. To have the opportunity to develop a variety of dramatic and theatrical skills, enabling them to grow creatively and imaginatively in both devised and scripted work.


The assessment across the course of the 2 year course takes the form of both written and practical assessment. In Yr12 students will study 2 complete play texts and be assessed on their practical exploration, they will then compile a set of notes that reflect their understanding of that exploration. They will also visit the theatre and write a detailed review of that performance. The second part of the assessment is an external performance examination of a group performance and an individual skill. In A2 students will create a devised performance which is internally assessed and externally moderated, in June of their final year they will complete a written examination based on the study of a key text, one historical time period and a performance watched as an audience member.

AS Teaching Units, Assessment Method and Weighting

AS Unit and Content Assessment Method Weighting
Unit 1 – 6DR01 Exploration of Drama and Theatre Internal Assessed Externally moderated 40%
Unit 2 – 6DR02 Theatre Text in Performance External Performance Examination 60%

Complementary Subjects to study at AS

English Language and Literature, Media Studies, Law, Music, Dance, Performing Arts, Sociology, Psychology

Student Views

‘Drama has always been my passion and being a part of the A level drama course has given me the chance of new experiences and helped me to develop so many new skills. The drama department has inspired me to pursue a career in performing arts. The teachers connect with and encourage each student to grow in their ability. We are like one big 'drama' family. The course is challenging but very rewarding and I can honestly say I have enjoyed every lesson of drama so far and can't wait to see how I and my fellow students develop by the end of the course.’
Ami Love – Currently pursuing Drama at DeMonfort University

‘Studying Drama and Theatre Studies helped me to not only realise my passion but gave me the confidence and determination to chase it. Thanks to the challenges given to us by the enthusiastic staff and the wide range of exciting opportunities provided on this course I am now pursuing a career in acting and training at The Birmingham Theatre School. I recommend the course to anybody with a passion for this complex art.’
Daniel Taylor – Now a professional actor

‘I felt very lucky to be accepted onto the course, I was worried that I would not get a place as its very popular.  I have only just started drama at AS, but I already feel a lot more confident and able to express myself. It’s nothing like a normal lesson, it’s a family environment, and the teachers are very supportive and helpful. I did not take Drama at GCSE so was worried that I would not do well.  I don’t worry any more, I know I have the skills that I need to succeed.  I am using skills that will help me in my future career.  Some of these are Organisation, prioritising my time and planning what I need to do to create work that is of a good standard, being able to research topics and present that information back to others.  The course is exciting, interesting and allows me to have fun within my time at Sixth Form.’ - Jenna Wiggins (Currently in Yr12)

 ‘Studying Drama and Theatre Studies has very much helped my confidence, I now feel more comfortable speaking in front of others.  I want to help people with Learning difficulties and go on to train to be a teacher.  I feel that Drama will enable me to do this most effectively.  This course has given me the skills I need to do that.’ - Elizabeth Gamston (Currently in Yr13 2014)

Career Pathways

By studying Drama and Theatre Studies at AS/A2 you are opening a diverse range of career and further education opportunities these include:

  • Continued study at University – or an established Stage School
  • Professional acting
  • Theatrical Design
  • Stage Management

Or as a starting point for a career in Hospitality, Teaching, Social work, Law and any career that demands excellent communication skills, social skills and a creative or artistic approach to challenges set.

Further Information

Mrs M Hunt – Curriculum Leader

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