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Interested in solving problems? Do you want to know why things happen? Do you want to understand why things do the things they do? Then Physics is for you.

Are you considering becoming a medic, engineer, pilot, astrophysicist, working with computers or becoming a manager, ecologist, banker, geologist, archaeologist or sports scientist? Then Physics is for you.

Physics is a fundamental science which links with all the sciences and provides those who study it with analytical and problem solving techniques which can be applied to all walks of life. The technological world in which we live is dependent on people with a Physics background to find technological applications for new materials and develop new uses for materials and technology which are already known. There is a worldwide shortage of physicists and universities and industry are keen to recruit.


Assessment is by means of two written exams for AS. The first of the examinations in year 12 will be done in the January session. The practical component of the course will be examined as an internally assessed unit spread throughout the year. It is comprised of 3 tasks: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Evaluative. These combined will develop your practical skills.

AS Teaching Units, Assessment Method and Weighting





Breadth in physics

Content – Modules 1,2,3,4

Section A – Multiple Choice

Section B – Structured questions, covering theory and practical skills




1 hr 30 mins


Depth in physics

Content – Modules 1,2,3,4

Structured questions and extended response questions covering theory and practical skills



1 hr 30 mins


Complementary Subjects to study at AS

AS and A Level Physics can add to the knowledge and understanding of many AS and A Level courses especially Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Art, Design Technology and Music to mention a few. It is a subject which helps develop analytical problem solving and is highly valued beyond the field of Physics.

Student Views

“I have always enjoyed Physics at A-level. I find the teaching stimulating and the content very interesting”
Vijay Chauhan, Yr.13 (2010)

Taking physics opens up lots of opportunities – It gave me the chance to go to NASA.”
Adam Throssell, Yr.13 (2010)

“Studying Physics at Great Barr allowed me to go on to study Engineering at the University of my choice. I have no doubt I made the correct decision”
Daniel Gittins, Yr 13 (2006)

Career Pathways

It is an essential requirement for those wishing to pursue careers in engineering, architecture, astrophysics, materials science, computing, electronics, aeronautics, and nuclear physics. It is frequently required to support other Science courses in the fields of Chemistry, Medicine, Geology, Meteorology, Design and Technology and Mathematics. The course lays the foundations for critical thinking and analytical problem solving. Physicists are frequently employed in a wide range of careers including law, accountancy, financing, computing, commerce and economics.

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