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Exam Board: OCR - Level 3 Cambridge Technical in IT (Subsidiary Diploma)


In today’s world, individuals will increasingly need technological and information literacy skills that include the ability to gather, process and manipulate data.

This course has been developed to recognise learners’ skills, knowledge and understanding of Information and Communication Technology functions, environments and operations. The learners carry out a range of tasks that have been designed to recognise their achievements in a modern, practical way that is relevant to the workplace.


Assessment is by means of completing six units of internally moderated and externally verified coursework. There are no examinations, and all units of work must be completed to attain the qualification. The units are graded at Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction*, and a ‘best-fit’ strategy is applied to decide on the overall grade for the qualification based on those six unit awards.

AS Teaching Units, Assessment Method and Weighting

AS Unit and Content Assessment Method Weighting
Unit 1 – Communication and Employability Skills Coursework 16.6%
Unit 2 - Information Systems Coursework 16.6%
Unit 12 - Website Production Coursework 16.6%

Complementary Subjects to study at AS

Media Studies, English Language, Mathematics

Student Views

“It is a demanding course, but you learn all sorts of skills from enterprise to multimedia”

“It ranges from animation to photography – this course can be applied to many areas of aspiration”

“You can work at your own pace, and I find the course enjoyable and challenging at the same time"

“ICT is a learning experience that you don’t want to miss out on!”

Career Pathways

By studying ICT at AS you are opening a diverse range of career and further education opportunities these include:

  • Software Design
  • Computing
  • ICT Teaching
  • Website Design
  • Digital Media
  • Database Management

Further Information

To get further information on the OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical in IT please speak to Mr Shilton (Head of IT/Computing) or email on

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