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Exam Board: OCR


The aims of this particular advanced level course are to:

-  Develop and sustain an interest in health, early years care and education, social care and issues affecting the care sector

-  Develop skills that will enable them to make an effective contribution to the care sector including skills of research, evaluation and problem-solving

-  Enable students to work independently which will prepare them for further study and training

The course is varied in its content and will enable students to look at contemporary issues which have an impact on our health and well being; we are living longer, how do Nursing Homes cater for our needs? Values of care; how important are these within care settings? Communication skills; how can we use counselling skills in the workplace?


Assessment is through portfolio assessments and through terminal examinations. Both methods of assessment will take into account the quality of written communication. All portfolio work will be based on specific client groups, e.g. adolescents or disabled.

AS Teaching Units, Assessment Method and Weighting

AS Unit and Content Assessment Method Weighting
Promoting Quality Care Examination – May 2015 33.33%
Communication in Care Settings Portfolio – February 2015 33.33%
Promoting Good Health Portfolio – February 2015 33.33%

A2 Teaching Units, Assessment Method and Weighting

A2 Unit and Content Assessment Method Weighting
Care Practice and Provision Portfolio - February 2016 33.33%
Social Trends Examination - June 2016 33.33%
Mental Health Issues Portfolio – February 2016 33.33%

Complementary Subjects to study at AS

Psychology, Sociology, Biology, English

Entry Requirements

5 x A* - C including Maths and English at GCSE

If you have studied GCSE HSC to have achieved at least a grade C.

Student Views

Health and Social care allows you to understand the importance of your rights, how you should be treated and how to treat others in both personal and professional environments. I enjoyed the structure of the subject the most, nothing was ever boring, there was always something new to learn, always something to question. I appreciate the skills that I have gained whilst studying this subject, they have allowed me to develop as a person. I have hopes of working with youth offenders within the justice system and areas of probation in the future. I am due to study a degree in criminology in September 2011. I strongly believe that studying health and social care has allowed me to gain a developed understanding of what it is like to work with people.
Natallina Khushia – Narhar ( Great Barr Sixth Form 2008 – 2010 / Gap year)

I chose to study social work at University. Health and Social Care really aided me in making this decision; this subject gave me an insight into the health and social care sectors. The portfolio work we completed enabled me to formulate my own ideas and opinions. The module on mental illness and suicide was particularly thought provoking.
Charlotte Matthews (Great Barr Sixth Form 2008 – 2010 / Birmingham City University)

During my time at Great Barr Sixth form, the Health and Social team helped me to achieve my absolute best. They pushed me into achieving the best I could, by encouraging me in every way. The Health and Social care teachers are not only teachers but people who you could talk to, making the subject a very enjoyable one; this inspired me into wanting to become a teacher. Currently I am studying Working with Children, young people and families joint with education at Newman University College.
Aimee Jones ( Great Barr Sixth Form 2008 – 2010 / Newman University)

When studying Health and social care at Great Barr, the support and guidance given from the whole team was inspirational. During my studies, I found that all members of the team pushed me to achieve my best. I achieved a BC at the end of the year and now I am currently studying Working with Young people, Children and Families Joint with Education studies at Newman College University.
Sarah Kola ( Great Barr Sixth Form 2008 – 2010 / Newman University)

Career Pathways

By studying Health and Social Care at AS you are opening a diverse range of career and further education opportunities these include:

  • Nursing
  • Social Work
  • Teaching
  • Nursery manager

Further Information

We welcome prospective students to come and visit the Department. We can be found in Delhurst:Ms Phillips – room 64

Mrs Hall – room 68

Alternatively send us an e-mail:

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