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Exam Board: AQA


Geography at AS aims to build upon and further develop the knowledge and skills gained at GCSE. AS Geography involves studying both human and physical aspects of the topic. You will study the dynamic nature of our population, health issues facing both M and LEDCs, river flooding and its management and issues facing people in extreme environments, such as Antarctica. It enables you to develop a wide range of skills and introduces you to some of the most exciting and most relevant Geography of the 21st Century! A2 provides a deeper knowledge of plate tectonics and associated hazards such as tsunami, and the real issues facing the development of the World’s poorest countries and largest cities in today’s ever changing World.

Geography at AS advances the skills gained at GCSE, both those geographical and critical, such as team work, presenting and problem solving. It enhances fieldwork skills and the course will incorporate both human and physical geographical field work; One excursion being residential.

Geography is a subject that looks towards the future by studying the problems of today it seeks to find solutions for tomorrow! Nurturing citizenship and creating global awareness!

“Without Geography, you’re nowhere!”
(Jimmy Buffet 1946)


Assessment is in the form of 2 written examinations at AS. The first assesses knowledge and the second skills and fieldwork methods. Both papers are sat in June. At A2 there are a further two written examinations. The first sat in January, is an issue evaluation where pupils receive a pack of material to analyse two months before the exam. This is guided by the class teacher in lesson time. The second, sat in June, is assessing knowledge in the form of both short and long answer question responses.

AS Teaching Units, Assessment Method and Weighting

AS Unit and Content Assessment Method Weighting
Physical and Human Geography
2 hour written examination in June AS – 70%
A2 – 35%
Geographical Skills
1 hour written examination in June AS – 30%
A2 – 15%

Complementary Subjects to study at AS

Geography will complement any subject at A Level.

Student Views

“Geography has given me the chance to explore the building blocks of our World and how we interact with it; Giving me a greater understanding of everything that surrounds us.”
Richard Whitehouse (Year 13 2010)

“My love for Geography has been inspired by the friendly and passionate Geography Department.”
Dharel Patel (Year 13 2010)

“Geography has allowed me to broaden my horizons and has changed my outlook on the World we live in; Although the media shrouds us in what it wants us to hear, Geography opens up the World and reveals it for what it really is.”
Adam Throssell (Year 13 2010)

“I chose Geography as I really enjoyed it at GCSE. There is a wide range of interesting topics that are both engaging and fascinating. I really enjoy my Geography lessons at A Level and the fantastic Geography Department make the subject even better!”
Alex Morris (Year 13 2010)

Career Pathways

By studying Geography at AS you are opening a diverse range of career and further education opportunities these include:

  • Researcher
  • Media
  • Travel Writing
  • Town Planning
  • Airline Staff
  • Pilot
  • Diplomat
  • Politics
  • Estate Agency
  • Storm Chaser
  • Marketing
  • Teaching
  • Social Work

Further Information

For further information about the AS Geography Course please see:

Mrs Bennett Head of Geography (Room 44)
Mr Bourne Deputy Head of Geography (Room 45)

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