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 Exam Board: Edexcel

Btec Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Dance


The Btec Level 3 Certificate (Equivalent to AS) and Subsidiary Diploma (A2) in Dance aims to encourage students to:

Develop their interest and enjoyment in dance, as well as their technical, performance and choreography skills, both as performers and as informed members of an audience, encouraging an enthusiasm for a critical appreciation and analysis of the subject. To develop an understanding and appreciation of the significance of social, cultural and historical influences on the development of dance. To have the opportunity to discover a number of different dance styles, enabling them to grow creatively and imaginatively in both performance and choreography. 


The assessment across the 2 year course takes the form of both written and practical assessment.  In Yr12 students will study 3 separate units, (30 Credits) looking at professional dance works and exploring their own choreographic identity, including the creation of a piece of site specific work at their own chosen location. This will be accompanied by a series of log books and journal notes to document the creative process, and reflect their understanding.  They will also have opportunities to also visit the theatre, as well as numerous performance opportunities. In Year 13 students will study a further 3 units, including Performing Arts Business, understanding the roles and staffing within the theatre, as well as how to budget a performance.  All work is internally assessed and externally moderated.

Btec Certificate (AS) Teaching Units, Assessment Method and Weighting

Year Unit and Content

Assessment Method


Unit 38 – Dance Performance

Internal Assessed Externally moderated

10 Credits

Unit 40-Choreographing Dance

Internal Assessed Externally moderated

10 Credits

Unit 102- Site Specific Performance

Internal Assessed Externally moderated

10 Credits

Complementary Subjects to study at AS

English Language and Literature, Media Studies, Law, Music, Drama, Performing Arts, Sociology, Psychology

Student Views

‘Dance has always been my passion and it helps me to express my emotions. Taking dance at Sixth Form has given me the confidence to need to study Dance at University. The teachers help the students as much as they can, and encourage others to consider Dance even if they haven’t had much Dance experience, although it is challenging!’

Courtney Webb – Currently in Yr13 (2014)

‘I went to college for year 12, however I came back to study at Great Barr School as I felt like I could get the best possible grades from being here. The main reason I came back to school is to study Dance here, as dance is my passion I thought this would be ideal. The dance here is fantastic, it’s very challenging to meet the deadlines for the assignments, and the work load in Year 13 is hard, however it is achievable. It is very fun and I feel like I improve on my technique all the time, I feel very supported and confident as I know my teacher will help me 100% along the way. ’

Lauren Williams – Currently in Yr13 (2014)

It was by deciding to expand my experience of dance, by taking it as an option in sixth form; here where I found my real love and passion for dance. Throughout my time in Dance I have always struggled with performing to crowds and was very under confident, my teacher always helped me to forget my nerves and reach the potential of becoming a contemporary dancer. They helped with my nerves and confident so much that I was able to perform a dance and be proud of myself for all the hard work, which eventually ended up with me winning the Diversity Dance Award last year. I am so grateful to my dance teacher, for all the help they gave me and all the opportunities I got to full fill while being a part of such an amazing department, and I would truly push anyone who enjoys dancing to experience what I did.’

Kendal Broadfield – Left Great Barr (2014)

Career Pathways

By studying Btec Dance Level 3 you are opening a diverse range of career and further education opportunities these include:

  • Continued study at University – or an established Stage School
  • Professional Dancer
  • Choreographer
  • Stage Management

Or a starting point for a career in the Fitness industry, Teaching, Social work, and any career that demands excellent social and communication skills  and a creative or artistic approach to challenges set..

Further Information

Miss K Tucker – Course Leader

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