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Level Two Higher Level Project Qualification


Our Higher Project Qualification allows students to discover the joys of independent learning, take responsibility for their own study and develop new life and study skills. The project is designed to help those who need help and guidance in moving from GCSE level study towards study at Level Three.  Students must:

Choose an area of interest (this can be developed/extended from other subjects, or be something else entirely. Coursework can be a starting point, but it must go considerably beyond);

 Draft a project title;

 Draft the aims of the project;

 Plan, research and carry out the project;

 Provide evidence of all stages of the project production;

 Deliver a presentation on the project.


 A completed production log, recording the stages gone through;

 A written report (usually 2000 words);

 Other evidence as appropriate (e.g. for a student writing and directing a play, the play script, a video of the performance....);

 A presentation to an agreed audience.

The marks are combined from all these areas: there as many marks available for planning, research and reflection as there are for the written report.

The project is graded as a GCSE: A*-C, there are no grades below C.

Entry Criteria

There are no specific entry criteria.


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