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The step from School to the Sixth Form, with its relative independence, can be very unsettling for young people. At Great Barr, we aim to make the transition as smooth as possible.

A major advantage for our students is that the systems for supporting young people which are so well established throughout Years 7 to 11 continue through Years 12 and 13, providing students with far greater security in a place where they are comfortable and are well-known.

Just like in Years 7 to 11, the Sixth Form Team and the teaching staff delivering post-16 courses work closely alongside individual students, encouraging them to take greater responsibility for their own learning, but continuing to identify and meet their individual needs, personalise their learning pathways and provide the quality support and guidance you would expect from a good school.

We see the Sixth Form as a bridge between GCSE studies and the independence of life at university and in the working world. We are keen to ensure that all of our students are supported in developing the critical academic and social skills which will ensure they can achieve their full potential both in Sixth Form and beyond.

However, whilst many of the important features of school life continue through into the Sixth Form, we are eager to ensure that the experience of being a Sixth Form Student is very different to being a school pupil.

We provide students with a safe, dynamic, adult environment in which they have significant freedom to make choices over where, when and how to study. We provide excellent resources and facilities in which they can pursue their studies or take time out and socialise with their friends. We aim to create a pleasant, community atmosphere in which, in addition to quality teaching and excellent learning resources, students can take advantage of a range of interesting voluntary, community and social opportunities and activities which will help them to develop into well rounded adults who can play a constructive part in shaping their world.

Whether you have been a pupil at Great Barr or are joining from another school we will warmly welcome, support and guide you in your transition to new ways of learning and on to your chosen pathway in life.

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