Dotted Line

The volume of work in the Sixth Form will be greater than you have so far experienced, while the nature of it will also be different.

You must take responsibility for organising your own time, as homework and assignments will rarely be set on a ‘next day’ basis. Instead, they might be set a week or even fortnight in advance. On average they are likely to take about five hours per subject per week to complete, and you must plan your work programme sensibly, bearing in mind that you will be studying up to four subjects, all of which make similar demands on your time. You must establish a work routine, and then stick to it. Keep a careful record of all work set (together with any references) and plan in advance when and where you are going to do your reading, note-making and writing. Do not leave everything to the last minute, and do acknowledge the importance of deadlines.

You must therefore pace yourself. Most people find themselves under pressure on occasions, for reasons, which are entirely understandable – you might, for example, have been absent through illness, or be heavily involved in rehearsals for a play or concert. In such circumstances, if you are under pressure to meet deadlines, you should discuss the problem with your teachers in advance, who will be invariably sympathetic.

Sensible planning is therefore the key, and formal written homework and assignments should never be deferred until ‘the night before’; it is for this reason that work is always set well in advance, so that you can plan ahead and organise your routine. Set yourself ambitious, yet realistic targets, and develop a pattern of study than enables you to meet them.

Dotted Line